All limits are set by Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans and are complied with, without exception.  Regulations are subject to change pre or in-season.


4 salmon per day/8 salmon possession, potentially consisting of:

Chinook (Kings) - Present all season.

Season start - July 15: Knight Inlet and other select areas: 1 per day/2 possession consisting of wild fish between 62cm and 80cm and/or hatchery fish larger than 62 cm (no slot size). While limited by a slot size during this time, this is when we have some of our most world class tyee fishing in the remote Knight Inlet waters.

July 15 - August 17: All areas: 1 per day/2 possession between 62cm and 80cm

August 17 - August 31: All areas 1 per day/2 possession larger than 62cm (no slot size)

August 31 - season end: All areas 2 per day/4 possession larger than 62 cm (no slot size)

Coho (Silvers) - Present from mid July 15 on. Best size and numbers from latter half of August through mid September.

Season start - August 1: All areas 1 per day/2 possession wild and 1 per day/2 possession hatchery

August 1 - season end: Knight Inlet and select areas 1 per day/2 possession Wild and 1 per day/2 possession hatchery

Chum (Dogs) - Present mid July on.  Very sparse until Autumn.

4 per day/8 possession 

Sockeye (Reds) - Present mid July to mid August

Managed in-season

Pinks (Humpies) - Present mid July to late August

4 per day/8 possession 


1 between 90 and 133cm or
2 under 90cm

Ling Cod:

1 per day/2 possession